Monday, April 29, 2019

Wednesday: Orville Peck @ Mahalls

I’ll be heading to the University of Pittsburgh this weekend for a conference on Personal Digital Archiving (exciting!), but that also means I’m missing this Orville Peck show at Mahall’s.   Color me predictable, but i’m really intrigued by this masked gay “country” crooner with blue eyes - who’s on Sub Pop records nonetheless.  Definitely has this Chris Isaak vibe if you ask me.  

So i’m bummed, but hoping some of you all go and post some videos for me.  Catch his face if you can.  ;-)  Here’s an excerpt from an interview he did with OMG.BLOG.  Check out a couple of videos below.

"I mean I like all kinds of country music. I like classic country, and I like new country. I even like stupid pop country, but the kind of country that really appeals to me as an influence on the music I make is outlaw country or like sixties, and seventies kind of country. I think especially that kind of country stayed within a pretty particular framework.

The subject matter tended to be this monolithic, archetypical type subject matter. For me, I can reference all of those potentially tired or pedestrian references or subjects, you know, like, cowboy heartbreak and all that stuff which seems to have been done a million times, but put through the filter of my personal history where I like to think it pushes it somewhere new, or even just successfully exists within that traditional framework!

The thing that really appeals to me about country music from that era is that all those stories are really relatable. Even though the details might be interchangeable or personal to the singer, I think people seem to really connect to the storytelling element in country music. That relatability Is something that I really like."

(Via OMG, a Q&A with Orville Peck | OMG.BLOG.)

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