Monday, September 3, 2018

InCuya 2018

Wow.  Great job InCuya!!  Cleveland hosted it's first major music festival downtown, and I’m hoping it’s here to stay.  It was so well organized and the city looked amazing.  We even stayed downtown at the Hilton, so I had the advantage of feeling like a tourist in my own city.  Great job Cleveland!!
The music was just as good.  Great diversity, as shown from the headliners alone - SZA, The Avett Brothers, New Order and Awolnation.  Equally present were some of Cleveland’s finest, including The Modern Electric and Seafair.  More comprehensive reviews below.  Now we all wait and cross our fingers for another year (and maybe even an additional day!)
InCuya 2018
InCuya 2018
InCuya 2018
InCuya 2018

"To rectify the situation here in Cleveland, a group of local investors operating as the Cleveland Concert Company partnered with AEG Presents, Destination Cleveland, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the city to launch the InCuya Music Festival. The inaugural event took place this past weekend on Malls B and C.
You can see photos from Day 1 and Day 2.
The setting was fantastic. Located on Mall B, the larger City Stage had the city skyline as a backdrop and the smaller Lake Stage, located on Mall C, looked out upon Lake Erie."
(Via InCuya Music Festival Makes an Impressive Debut | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

"'This is what you see when you're visiting another city where they're having a festival,'' said Harris, indicating the expanse of the malls and the growing crowds.
Laura Bennett, who grew up in the United Kingdom and now lives in Chagrin Falls, has traveled the world and seen festivals around the globe, said it was really good to see Cleveland take advantage of its burgeoning metropolitan scene.
'It's good to see a downtown grow and change,'' said Bennett, who has called Northeast Ohio home for 14 years.
If this weekend is any indication, that growth and change is going to continue, if for no other reason than the motto on a booth for a business aimed at boosting unique entrepreneurial startups"
(Via InCuya Music Festival enjoys a stunning inaugural in downtown Cleveland.)

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