Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Givers (9/13/18)

Chromeo was in town at the Agora on this night, which was a tempting option - but I was very exited to finally being seeing Givers at the Beachland Tavern instead.  I’ve been collecting and listening to all their albums going back to 2011.  The crowd was a little thin, but the whole band busted in and went around the room giving everyone high-fives on their way to the stage.  One of the best ways to engage a small audience, and immediately got everyone up front and listening!  I was stoked!  Unfortunately those embers died out as they continued, and I disconnected.  Very lively, but something wasn’t clicking for me for the rest of the show.  My friends dropped off, as I eventually did.   I’m not writing them off. Bands are people too, and deserve second chances.

Givers  9 13 18

Givers  9 13 18

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