Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ani DiFranco (9/11/18)

I’ve seen Ani so many times now, that there’s not much else to say.  This is already my second time this year, with her performance at Nelsonville being the first in a festival format.  This tour was her Rise Up tour, where she was amping up and choosing songs to particularly motivate in this tumultuous political environment.  She dusted off some great songs and played across her entire cannon.  The intimacy of the Kent Stage was a refreshing transition for a festival environment.

Ani DiFranco  9 11 18

Ani DiFranco  9 11 18

Ani DiFranco  9 11 18

Opening is Peter Mulvey, who has a new album out on Righteous Babe Records.  While I can’t say I was thrilled with his performance, I will totally endorse him as a great storyteller - the sign of any great songwriter.

Peter Mulvey  9 11 18

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