Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Heights Music Hop 2018

The ever-expanding Heights Music Hop taking place all over Cleveland Heights was this past weekend.  Thursday night was in Coventry, Friday night in Cedar Fairmount, and Saturday was the major effort happening all over the Cedar Lee area.  My time was limited this year and I was only able to hit Friday night. I was excited to catch back up with p.stoops and Wildcard Leader, both bands I’ve seen before and was happy to see again in some different environments.  First was p.stoops at The Fairmount. 

P stoops  9 14 18

P stoops  9 14 18

Next was Wildcard Leader at Still Point Gallery.

Wildcard Leader  9 14 18

I’m hoping to dedicate some more time next year to catch and cover all three nights!

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