Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Mt. Joy (8/23/18)

Once in a while, an album comes out and completely bowls you over.  The more I listened to Mt. Joy as the show approached, this is what happened.  Nearly every song on their  only (?) album is amazing, and since this was moved from the Tavern to the Ballroom, I guess I wasn’t the only one to noticed.  It was a young and enthusiastic crowd at the Beachland Ballroom, and you’ll see that towards the end of the video!

Mt Joy  8 23 18

Mt Joy  8 23 18

Equally as great on stage were the openers, Oliver Hazard, a great group of guys from Waterville, OH.  Again, so many great songs on their one (and only?) album!  I chatted with these guys afterward about a possible house concert.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Oliver Hazard  8 23 18

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