Friday, August 3, 2018

Guster (8/1/18)

While I could consider Guster a total college band, I didn’t really get exposed to them until just after.  But still, their sound totally resonates as that level of fun nostalgia for me.  Looking back, I thought I had actually seen them multiple times, but turns out it was just one disastrous show with Ray LaMontagne at John Carroll University (and a guest blog from my friend Tim!).  This show was a great reprieve all these years later.  They’re light, fun, and a great sing along band.  Representative of their aesthetic, check out the Scene article below about their frontman hanging around town with some locals before the show.  :-)

Guster  8 1 18

Guster  8 1 18

"Pam, with her 72-year-old mom Benji in tow, picked Miller up and drove him around the city showing off the sights. They stopped for lunch at Simply Greek on Uptown Avenue and chatted about their lives and, presumably, their love of Guster's music. The women then returned Miller to HOB just in time for soundcheck."

(Via Guster's Frontman Explored Cleveland Yesterday With Random Fans | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

Van William opened. I was a big fan of his earlier band Port O’Brien days and have been following him since.  Wasn’t able to catch the whole set, but I liked what I heard and I’m happy to hear he’ll be back at the Beachland Ballroom this fall for a headlining show!

Van William  8 1 18

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