Tuesday, August 14, 2018

De Lux (8/11/18)

De Lux kinda snuck up on me.  Turns out I had some random "Scion AV Presents De Lux” EP from 2016 that I had enjoyed, and then readily moved on from. The speed at which I discover new music, I’ll often move past bands that probably deserve more attention, and this was one of those bands.  Thanks to Songkick monitoring my artist list in iTunes, they alerted me to their concert coming up at the Grog Shop.  I probably wouldn’t have even recognized their name had I not wondered - "why is Songkick telling me about this show?”   After getting reacquainted, I quickly updated my library with their new stuff, and the more I listened, the more I loved what I was hearing.  Every song was great!  Opening the was Cleveland’s own Key to the Mint, who I’ve seen several times.  They’re an interesting local band with a dark, throwback synth sound is.  I’m hoping for the best for these guys.

Key to the Mint  8 11 18

Next up were Traps PS, but we checked out for this band.  Then, L.A.’s De Lux took the stage and I never left the dance floor.  Their Bandcamp page describes them as: "a post-disco dance-punk DIY duo that sound like they could have come out of 1979 or 1982 just as easily as the present.”  Right on. The Grog Shop should’ve had a LOT more people there for this show, but this was also their first time in Cleveland.  Hopefully not their last!  So much fun… I live for concert nights like this.  

De Lux  8 11 18

De Lux  8 11 18

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