Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tomorrow: Motherfolk @ The Winchester Music Tavern

I wish I could remember where I first heard about Motherfolk.  I recognized the name when I saw they were coming the first time (this is a rescheduled show) and remembered I had an album of theirs - right before discovering they have a new one.  I jumped back into both and have come to the conclusion that tomorrow’s show at the Winchester should be pretty damn good.  Nothing really groundbreaking with their upbeat folk rock sound, but I’ll be curious to see how good their live show is.  Luckily they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  Check out their most recent video below.

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And besides, this review is pretty inspirational:

“The music on the album is unequivocally indie rock with a tinge of folk but what separates the songs from the masses is the raw emotion that is conveyed. Motherfolk has a type of vibe that is immediate, visceral, and even cathartic. The music is excellent throughout but what really makes this album take off are the vocals. Throughout the band delivers catchy vocal melodies and harmonies that spew with emotion that feels all to real. It’s the exact opposite of the over produced, auto-tuned vocals that are much to prominent in todays musical landscape.”
— The Equal Ground

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