Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Motherfolk (3/22/18)

This was one of the most uncomfortable shows I have seen in a LONG time.  I haven’t had the chance to see a lot of shows (that I like) at thew new Winchester Music Tavern.  I was looking forward to catching this rescheduled Motherfolk show, and was curious how the Winchester would draw for it. - particularly because it’s such a large space.  I’ll also say that I love the new Winchester, with the reconfigured stage, keeping the cool retro bar in the front - it has so much potential!  But on this night, it just wasn’t a good draw, and Motherfolk made sure we were constantly aware of that.

The night started with them having a little affront with an audience member over some food issue earlier.  That weird and sometimes contentious banter lasted through the night.  They also kept commenting on the size and energy of the crowd, and what better way to make it worse that to keep bringing it up.  I’ll say that I really like these guys and their music, but they were kinda assholes on this night.  Sure it wasn’t a big crowd, but honestly - pick a better venue for your audience.  Blah.

Motherfolk  3 22 18

Motherfolk  3 22 18

Here’s to hoping the Winchester picks some better bands in the future.  I have high hopes for this place.

Motherfolk  3 22 18

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