Friday, March 30, 2018

Coast Modern (3/29/18)

I've actually been listening to this Coast Modern album for quite some time, unlike some other shows of late where I’m listening for the first time - the week before the show.  Their summery upbeat sound reminds me a bit of Milky Chance - a solid, fun album all the way around.  That’s exactly the experience they brought to the Beachland Ballroom last night.  Starting off early with their fun cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel, they ran through their (only?) album’s tracks, bringing the crowd along with them. Where they might have fell a little short on polish, they made up with energy. Great show.  DAKS: 8

Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18

Opening was Late Night Episode, and Coast Modern couldn’t have asked for a better opener to get the crowd going.  It wasn’t long before they jumped in the crowd for a couple songs.  Total success.

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

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