Monday, March 6, 2017

Video Day #tzachill

ANOHNI keeps with her lip-sync theme for her new video for Paradise. Communist Daughter’s new video for Keep Moving is as beautiful as the song is. Speaking of beautiful, check out this new video and song for Colin Setson’s Spindrift!


Bonus:  I stumbled across this Campbell L Sangster video, to which I’ll let others try to explain:

"Campbell performs alongside The Drakes – a posing gallant band of butches, bois, studs, transmen and genderqueers, whilst Edie Sedgwick lives on in the body and soul of a sun worshipping, silver-clad mother, desperate for rays to top up her tan.

Meanwhile, her budding gymnast daughter is mesmerized by the arrival of Buffy, a woman in her 70’s, physically strong and utterly focused. Buffy has the spirit of Esther Williams and verve of an assassin, diving effortlessly into the pool as the young girl watches, hypnotized.”  (Via Watch Campbell L. Sangster's "Odds Are Stacked" Music Video.)

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