Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Lady Gaga gets “thrashy and colorful” in the new video for John Wayne.  STRFKR goes drag for their raucous video for In The End.  Janelle Monáe is everywhere these days, including in the new Grimes video for Venus Fly.

Bonus:  This week’s bonus belongs to Sondre Lerche (coming to the Grog Shop on Friday, April 21st!) who’s new video examines (straight) male intimacy.  More here: 

"I have such a close relationship with my band, and especially my drummer, David Heilman, who performed in the video. We have such a deep relationship in music, as human beings, as artists, and he is such a larger-than-life character unto himself. And I wanted to build a video around him, and around our relationship where we play out and act out all these different relationships that, sometimes, stem from how we are on stage, as colleagues, as artist working together."

(Via Premiere: Sondre Lerche Explores Relationship with Bandmate in New Video | Out Magazine.)

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