Friday, March 24, 2017

The Lumineers (3/11/17)

It’s nice to have friends, especially ones who offer you an extra (free) ticket!  That was probably the only reason I was seeing The Lumineers at the Wolstein Center.  Not because I dislike them but… that band, in that venue, for that price - doesn’t intrinsically motivate me.  However, it was still a great time with a good friend - and some decent music.  We just missed Susto, but were able to catch Kaleo, an Icelandic rock band that sounds a lot like the Black Keys.

Kaleo (3/11/17)

The Lumineers sounded great, and the lead singer had some touching and earnest stories about the songs they were performing.  The first video below is a collection of clips, but the second one is a video Charlie Boy with some nice effects (and a great story).  You can find more details about the show, and details on the specific songs via the link below.

The Lumineers (3/11/17)
The Lumineers (3/11/17)
The Lumineers (3/11/17)


"Frontman Wesley Schultz told the crowd that band members put their heads together before the weekend's concert and decided their last appearance in Cleveland was a 2011 show at the now-defunct Barking Spider Tavern.

Schultz apologized for failing to make it to Northeast Ohio more frequently, encouraging much applause.

Their Saturday night show included a crowd-pleasing set filled with their hits, along with covers of a Tom Petty and a Bob Dylan song."

(Via The Lumineers bring their rousing brand of folk rock to the Wolstein Center |

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