Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jivviden (12/3/16)

Finishing out a 4 day stretch of live music, we ended up at the Grog Shop for the Jivviden show - a local band that won me over when I saw them by accident back in 2014.  Opening was Paper Morning and Holden Laurence.  I’ve been keeping any eye on Holden (part of The Modern Electric), and really have been enjoying his solo stuff.

Holden Laurence (12/3/16)

I haven’t seen Paper Morning before, but I like their upbeat indie pop/rock sound.  They even had a nice little dance groove at times!  Would be fun to see these guys again.

Paper Morning (12/3/16)

I’ve always been a sucker for a quirky voice, and part of the appeal of Jivviden for me.  Matt Sikon’s vocals remind me of Kristian Matsson’s vocals (Tallest Man on Earth).  Definitely check them out sometime.

Jivviden (12/3/16)

Jivviden (12/3/16)

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