Monday, January 2, 2017

Frankie Cosmos (10/25/16)

When I wasn’t down in the basement with PWR BTTM, I was upstairs at Mahalls to see Big Thief and Frankie Cosmos (in that order).  I was able to catch Big Thief here before, opening for Woods - and they were great.  Adrianne Lenker’s intensity and power on stage is an experience you should definitely have. 

Big Thief (10/25/16)

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Frankie Cosmos lately, though I haven’t been as familiar with her music.  I definitely enjoyed what I heard, and you can read a little more about her music below.

Frankie Cosmos (10/25/16)

"Frankie Cosmos, led by singer Greta Kline, makes wonderfully light, breezy, sweet songs that are just delightful." NPR

"Frankie Cosmos manages to be both devastating and uplifting. The young indie musician's greatest talents lie in her lyrics; she's a wordsmith who's brevity hints at suppressed emotions beneath the surface...Next Thing is a gem that speaks to the soul." BUST

"Kline has created a perfectly insular work, one whose songs display a newfound textual richness while retaining their unkempt edges." Under The Radar

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