Monday, April 25, 2016

Judah & the Lion (3/29/16)

This show was not originally on my calendar, but this Spring has been such a drought for shows that we were really looking to just get out.  I saw Tom Evanchuck was opening (a house concert alumni!) so I was happy to stop out and see this show.  While Tom was great as ever, the crowd was a challenge.  They seemed there more for the party than for the music… and that’s kind of how I felt about Judah & the Lion.  I hadn’t spent much time with their music - and I always try to be positive here - but their show felt kinda douchey.  I wasn’t much into the folk/rap/rock sound, nor the crowd they drew…   We didn’t stay long after Tom left the stage...

Tom Evanchuck (3/29/16)

Judah & the Lion (3/29/16)

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