Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Erin McKeown (4/10/16)

I was hopeful that with Erin McKeown coming to the Beachland, that she’d have a new album coming soon.  It doesn’t seem that way - but I’ve seen Erin several times - and every time has been a treat.  Opening was Yes Lisa and Maryleigh Roonan.  It was a night of ladies with electric guitars!

I was captivated by Maryleigh Roonan.  She really had this effortless performance, with a strong distinctive voice, like the electric guitar she played.  I would gleefully describe her as having the voice of Gillian Welch with the soul of Bonnie Raitt.

Maryleigh Roonan (4/10/16)

Erin McKeown didn’t disappoint yet again.  It was a minimal show, with only her, a guitar and a piano.  Her quirky, folky (almost Ani-like) show was refreshing and intimate.  Now we wait for that next album.

Erin McKeown (4/10/16)

Erin McKeown (4/10/16)

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