Sunday, March 3, 2013

Total Crush: Diplo

I thought it appropriate to post this Total Crush today, as we're seeing Major Lazer tonight at the House of Blues, with Dragonette opening!  Should be a great show.  Anyway, Diplo (who runs Mad Decent, which Major Lazer is on)… swoon.  I know he's hittin' it big, but I think it's legitimate.  I think he's doing what he loves and is helping people along the way.  Good for him.  Good for us.  Read below for more.

IMG 7952 diplo 1

This song & video are stunning.

Why Diplo Matters ~ Oh So Fresh! Music

"Yet, his founding label Mad Decent has become one of the purveyors of good music in the coming years as well, which has its own repertoire growing. Just like his own influences and music styles, he created a place for artists doing something unique and cool. With his label and amazing roster, he has thrown free concerts in major cities like Philadelphia where he has roots, New York City, and more. These 'Block Parties' as they are called have been known for their intense fun, and only added to the labels resume. Mad Decent's roster includes a hell of selection of artists including trap sensation Baauer, Dillion Francis, Flosstradamus, Snoop Lion, Zedds Dead, Major Lazer, and tons more. So as he not only continues to experiment and create new sounds to the mainstream, his label as well pushes artists to recognition.

So this comes down to why Diplo matters. Although he does plenty of songs and production outside of mainstream notice, it's the songs that do make the radio or become big that are major influences. Most songs that are extremely popular use the same mudane formula, but Diplo shook the industry with production that was completely different and was stilll accepted. If anyone deserves the respect, it is him. Oh yeah, and he get's hot girls to twerk it on the daily. RESPECT."

(Continued... Why Diplo Matters ~ Oh So Fresh! Music)

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