Saturday, March 23, 2013

Starfucker (3/18/13)

This Starfucker show was the first show of the year that really excited me.  I mean, I was *really* excited, particularly because I really liked what I'd heard from both openers as well!  First up was Blackbird Blackbird, and as much as I liked their newest album, their live show (vocals) were a little disappointing (but still check out their recorded stuff!).

Blackbird Blackbird (3/18/13)

Trust was up next and this was amazing!  Had this Crystal Castles meets Yaz vibe.  :-)  Stunning.

Trust (3/18/13)

Starfucker!!!  Unfortunately their light wall wasn't working…  I was really hoping they'd just forget about it and turn this show out, without the lights.  Unfortunately they were distracted as they kept messing around with it, there wasn't much alternative light, and then there were some sound issues.  Despite all that however, they were still pretty damn good.  Made even better once they got the disco ball going.

Starfucker (3/18/13)

Starfucker (3/18/13)

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