Sunday, March 10, 2013

POSTPONED: Animal Collective @ House of Blues

Postponed until July 16th!

I've been on the fence about tomorrow night's Animal Collective show (w/ Dan Deacon opening).  Mostly about the +$20 price tag, but the live videos through the link below I think are swaying me towards going…  Should be trippy.

AC2 1

Watch Animal Collective Play “Applesauce,” “Moonjock,” And “Amanita” In NYC - Stereogum

A lot of people, myself included, got a nice way to curb some of the madness that took over when the new Animal Collective album was on the horizon last year — radio! Seriously, Centipede Hz Radio kept me sane for those last weeks of the summer; gradually giving fans bits of information, songs that inspired the record, and finally the full album paired with Abby Portner’s trippy visuals. The band really connected with their fans in those last couple weeks, and (without any leaks for once) got us all online to hear Centipede Hz, for the first time, together. Now Centip"

(Continued... Watch Animal Collective Play “Applesauce,” “Moonjock,” And “Amanita” In NYC - Stereogum)

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