Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Estelle (2/2/12)

I've been digging Estelle's American Boy (w/ Kanye West) for *years*.  Since then, she's dropped a couple singles, but not much since.  I was thrilled to see she was coming to Cleveland - and that it would be in the smaller Cambridge Room at the House of Blues.  After a bite to eat at Chinato before-hand (mmmm), we showed up ready to dance.

We caught the end of Luke James set and his big single, I Want You.  Man has got a voice (and a body & smile to match).  Impressive.  We settled in with drinks and waited with anticipation.  From the moment she was announced, I immediately realized how lame the crowd was going to be.  I'm talking - barely clapping.  Then once the music started no one barely moved a hip!!  I'm used to this at these indie rock shows, but this R&B / Rap show was even worse!  I was stunned.  Just stunned.

Estelle (2/2/12)

Luckily, equally as stunning was Estelle.  She had a swagger and confidence about her that matched her talents.  I have to give her credit for working that crowd as best she could - lesser artists would have given up.  She provided a full night of great songs, a few covers, and insight that left any conscious person wanting more.  The juxtaposition of that crowd to her performance was just amazing.

Estelle (2/2/12)

Also working against her was this seemingly self-proclaimed MC, someone from one of the local radio stations I believe who kept cutting in on her.  I really have never been more embarrassed of Cleveland as a audience than I was at this show.  At the same time, Estelle has solidified herself as one of my top favorite female performers after being able to shine through that debacle.  I just hope she hasn't given up on us.

I did catch a clip of American Boy (interrupted of course):

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