Monday, February 13, 2012

Blind Pilot (2/9/12)

Now I see why kingofthecastle7 so emphatically recommended Blind Pilot.  What they're not is edgy, political or hipster.  What they are is mature, sincere and romantic - a nice change once in a while.  I've talked about bands that have a hard time crossing that threshold of a great show without prior knowledge of their songs.  Blind Pilot did a great job on that scale, and going forward I have an even stronger connection with the music after such a great show.

Blind Pilot (2/9/12)

To describe their music, I'm going to defer to the more eloquent  "Most Blind Pilot songs start softly – acoustic picking, Israel Nebeker’s easy, endearing vocals, a toe-tapping rhythm – and casually build to a gentle chug, like a dependable train pushing across the immense, American landscape. Soon come the full band harmonies belted out soulfully but not showily. It’s from-the-heart music meant to love on first listen and for faraway, changing times." (Continued... Video Session: Blind Pilot : LaundroMatineeExactly.

Blind Pilot (2/9/12)

Here's a sampling of some of my favorite songs… of course you can watch the entire show over at kingofthecastle7.

Here are the rest of the photos:

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