Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joe Purdy (6/28/11)

Finally rounding out my June shows (finally).  Joe Purdy was a bit of a last minute decision.  I really didn't know much about Joe, other than he's had a long career, and that I was surprised I hadn't heard of him before. Especially since he has that sort-of Ray LaMontagne vibe.

We got there early and checked out the Milk Carton Kids.  Very fun and charming.  Nice sound too...  A couple of great guitarists.  Check them out, they're giving their stuff away online.

Milk Carton Kids (4/28/11)

Joe Purdy was up next and for the beginning of his set, he was solo on stage.  The Beachland was well attended with this seated performance.  The crowd was a bit unusual, and unfortunately the down-side of the evening. It's amazing how a few loud drunks can ruin a show.

Still, Joe powered on as a professional would.  His rustic voice and great songwriting really shined through and I can see why people are drawn to him.  His set was only better when the Milk Carton Kids joined him on stage.

Joe Purdy (4/28/11)

Joe Purdy (4/28/11)

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