Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sin Fang's New Album, Classic Covers

Sin Fang's last album, Clangor, was a favorite last year - as was his performance with Seabear (4/1/10) at the Grog Shop. Now he has a new album coming out March 15th and a couple covers you can check out now:

Sin Fang:  Landslide / The Only Living Boy in New York

"Icelandic wunderkind Sindri Már Sigfusson really is a never-tiring musician. Touring with his other band Seabear around the world for most of the year, he used his time off to write and record a new album of his solo project Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous, to be released in early 2011). The album is preceded by this remarkable 7inch featuring two all-time-classic non-album coverversions: 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Only Living Boy In New York'. Sin Fang's versions withdraw some of the glossy sweetness of the originals and replace it with a pinch of Weirdo-Folk, giving you a new listening experience while keeping the original song's heart-breaking potential intact. read more..."

(Listen at Morr Pressdesk)


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