Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

It's been a while since I've seen Poison Control Center... in fact, I didn't even see the whole band, I just saw Patrick (the lead singer).  Well, that was a fun night, about 5 years ago.  Finally, they're back and I'm finally seeing them again (2nd of 3 nights in a row at the Tavern).

Opening was both JJ Magazine and Afternoon Naps - two of my favorite local bands.  Both solid acts and I'll always be happy to see them play again.

JJ Magazine (2/17/11)

Afternoon Naps (2/17/11)

Before they went on Patrick tapped me on the shoulder to say hi, catch up about that crazy Spider night, and see what's been happenin' since. It's being in that kind of conversation with someone from a band that really makes me appreciate the DIY ("indie") music scene.  These guys are just so real and personal, and having the ability to hang with the band members and talk to them directly about their music is pretty amazing.

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

PCC was every bit as crazy as Patrick's previous performance would leave me to believe.  These guys were all over the stage, playing their heart out.  And the crowd definitely responded.  This kind of fun, energetic indie rock is always a good time.  Made better when performed by really good people.

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

Poison Control Center (2/17/11)

Keep your eye out.  kingofthecastle7 was in attendance, so full video of the concert will be posted on his YouTube Channel.

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