Monday, February 21, 2011

Brite Winter Festival 2011

As you've been reading, you'll know it's been abusyweek.  Out of town plans were canceled, but was glad to swing by and catch this Brite Winter Festival that I missed last year (at the Hart Crane Memorial Park).

We rolled in around 7:00 and it was pretty cold, though it didn't seem to slow down the good times being had.  Was glad to see the big 3 fire pits, a popular place to be...

Brite Winter Festival 2011

I didn't know much about the bands performing that night, except it was another chance to see The Modern Electric.  But before that, we stumbled into something amazing.  We squeezed into one of the cubes and found a party like nothing I've ever experienced.  There was about 15 people crammed into this vinyl box with the band Presque Vu.  Some impressive vocal stylings on top of slick beats kept all of us dancing and warm.  Some technical glitches made for some equally impressive acoustic efforts.  Overall - one hot experience outside on a cold night.

Presque Vu (2/19/11)

The Modern Electric.  Good as ever. I also grabbed a performance of David Bowie (w/ some unfortunate camera work).

The Modern Electric (2/19/11)

I'm already ready for next year... Here are some more photos.

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