Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Out This Week: MEN!!!!

Finally!!  I have been waiting for this album for what has felt like forever...  MEN released Talk About Body this week (buy it on Insound).  They will also be gracing the Grog Shop on Sunday, March 13th!


MEN - Talk About Body | The Line Of Best Fit

"Of course, it helps that Talk About Body is superior in quality and fun. MEN are comprised of JD Samson, Michael O’Neill and Ginger Brooks, but seek enough creative guidance from Joanna Fateman and Emily Roysdon for the two to be unofficially included in their line up. Ultimately, without wanting to diminish the importance of their new venture, Samson and Fateman have picked up where Le Tigre left off.

However, here are some poignant differences – besides the absence of Kathleen Hanna. Samson’s penchant for DJ noodling is notable: beats and fuzz creep into every corner until they devoir ‘Take Your Shirt Off’ and ‘Simultaneously’. In those instances, MEN draw better comparison to Sleigh Bells. Nothing’s unrecognisable – ‘Off Our Backs’ and ‘My Family’ touch down on familiar ground – but the trio aren’t afraid to progress. Whatever direction they take, Talk About Body blasts glitter charged bullets into the mainstream crowd and emerges brandishing the empowering ‘Who Am I To Feel So Free’.

Unlike the majority of pop releases, this album’s sentiment is far from mindless. MEN have wrapped their material up in issues concerning trans-awareness, sexual ambiguity and most importantly of all, liberation. Wearing your motivations on your sleeve without resorting to aggression is admirable, particularly regarding such an important and shamefully unpromoted topic. Setting those wise words to fun is inspired – this is brainwashing of the best kind. Now play them on the God damn radio!"

(Continued... MEN - Talk About Body | The Line Of Best Fit)

I've posted this video before, but totally worth re-posting.

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