Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Stay Home Instead...

The corporate concert industry is killing itself with greed, just like the retail industry did.

Let's Stay Home Instead... Live Music Sales Decline - hypebot

Interpol (9/26/05)

In 2010, the number of tickets sold dropped 12% from the 2009 level of 29.9 million.

You may not be able to download a concert, but you can stay home instead. That appears to be exactly what people are doing. Why? Many fans pointed out that expensive tickets aren't the only reason why they've hidden their wallets from the 'TicketBastard' juggernaut.

Of course, many fans also griped about the additional fees that are tacked onto the cost of a ticket. Some even went as far as citing the 35$ t-shirt, 25$ program, and 8$ beers as being outrageous to the point where they decided to say home where parking is free and beer costs $1.

Others said the live music business is failing to draw in the younger audience."

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