Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drink Up Buttercup (1/26/11)

After that fun little jaunt at the Barking Spider, we headed over to the Spot (a bar below a dorm at CWRU).  They've been known for bringing in good shows in the past, but this was my first time here in a while.  A nice renovation had occured, but the cheap beer, wings, and drunk college students remained.

Opening was the charming Max Stern, who I'm presuming with his connection to the crowd, that he was a student there.

Max Stern (1/26/11)

Now for Drink Up Buttercup, I'd been having a crash course in their new album, Born and Thrown on a Hook. Initially I was enthralled with their track Doggy Head, but quickly fell in love with the rest of the album, which I guess I could best describe as having a modern indie rock sensibility with some of the maturing and depth of the Beatles.

Drink Up Buttercup (1/26/11)

The show was alright.  They didn't really connect with the audience, they didn't want recorded by kingofthecastle7 (who I finally met!) - and I guess they were trying out some new stuff.  What we heard sounded great, though I'm not sure I could really connect much of it with the album.  But no problem though, I was able to pick the vinyl version up at this show.

You should check some of these songs for yourself.

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