Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Wolf Eyes (9/23/19)

I’ll admit, Wolf Eyes is not a band that would be on the top of my list to catch live.  However, their credibility as an experimental band out of Detroit is undeniable.  Apple Music has an impressive list of releases by them, though not quite as towering as you can see on their Wikipedia entry!  It was definitely intricate - and interesting.  Those who are cooler than I can probably speak more to the impact of their music, but I’ll leave you with this video in the meantime.

Wolf Eyes  9 23 19

The real reason I was at this show was to catch a local composer and producer combo, Buck McDaniel and Jacob Kirkwood.  They performed a compelling set, yet another one that I’m unlikely able to describe properly for their genre.  But trust me, it was beautiful and you should try to catch them again sometime.  More details:   

McDaniel & Kirkwood, with Andrea Belding Elson, violin, John Karkosiak, electric guitar, Buck McDaniel, piano & electronics & Jacob Kirkwood, percussion & electronics.  Kirkwood’s Nitch (rev. 2019), McDaniel’s plainsong (rev. 2019) & McDaniel’s & Kirkwood’s Difference & Repetition (2018).

Buck McDaniel  Jacob Kirkwood  9 23 19

Buck McDaniel  Jacob Kirkwood  9 23 19

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