Sunday, October 27, 2019

Orville Peck (10/9/19)

Orville Peck continues to dominate the gay country singer market, granted it is a pretty small field.  However, his non-stop touring has really garnered a strong fan base, as evidenced by recently selling out Mahalls a few months ago - and this time the Grog Shop.  I had missed out on tickets on this show, until a friend came through with some extras.  I already had plans, but still swung through to see what all the buzz was about.

I get it.  He’s got that country crooner vibe down, his mask hiding his identity is intriguing, and he’s definitely not your typical country singer.  It’s country camp almost - but I’m here for it.  More about him below.

Orville Peck  10 9 19

Orville Peck  10 9 19

"The enigmatic country singer known as Orville Peck is riding high these days. He is on the cover of British GQ Style, wearing star-spangled boots and a black mask that obscures his face.

The New Yorker, in a review of his debut album, ‘Pony,’ called him the ‘masked man our yee-haw moment deserves’ and described his voice as having ‘the sexy, menacing melodrama of Roy Orbison.’

The Los Angeles Times declared that he is ‘as venerated as any pop diva’ by the ‘hipsters in West Hollywood,’ which seems to be a thinly veiled reference to his large gay fan base."

(Via Orville Peck, a Masked Gay Country Star, Rides Into Brooklyn - The New York Times.)

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