Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Article: Facial Recognition Ban Adopted By Festivals Including Bonnaroo

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Face Recognition Software Recognizes Animals Now Too” by terrykimura is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

"Earlier this month, the nonprofit digital rights group Fight For The Future — whose mission statement includes, ‘We envision a world where everyone can access the internet affordably, free of interference or censorship and with full privacy’ — launched a campaign lobbying the music industry to abandon use of facial recognition tech before it becomes more widespread. At banfacialrecognition.org, the group argues that facial recognition tech presents myriad ethical problems: It’s an invasion of privacy, its high rate of inaccuracy jeopardizes justice, it’s a gold mine for identity thieves, it could be weaponized by authoritarian regimes, etc. ‘The companies that run major festivals should not be experimenting on music fans by scanning our faces and collecting our biometric information,’ Fight For The Future’s Deputy Director Evan Greer said in a press release. ‘People deserve to know whether their favorite event has plans to use facial recognition technology.’"
(Via Facial Recognition Ban Adopted By Festivals Including Bonnaroo, ACL - Stereogum.)

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