Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Leon Bridges (5/5/19)

I’m a sucker for an outside show at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.  Tickets went on sale long ago for this Leon Bridges show, originally with Jess Glynn opening.  The show was a no-brainer.  I had seen Leon Bridges perform at the Masonic Auditorium back in 2016, which was an excellent show.  I was also really excited to see Jess Glynne who first caught my attention doing vocals for a Clean Bandit song, and then who has emerged as a positive pop music force recently.  Unfortunately, she dropped off the bill due to her recording schedule.  The lesser known John-Robert popped up on the bill, but unfortunately we didn’t make it in time for his set.

Leon Bridges was as charming and entertaining as always.  The crowd could have been a little more into the show, but  since it was the first show of Nautica’s season, maybe they were just getting warmed up (literally).  Check out more from Scene’s review below:

Leon Bridges  5 5 19

Leon Bridges  5 5 19


"Seeing him groove up on stage – body roll left, booty booty right, moonwalk that way, grapevine back – caused even the most subdued of attendees to wiggle around along with him. As if that didn’t get fans in the mood enough, he was wearing light blue flared pants … on purpose.


As fun as Bridges’ music is, it’s also refreshingly adult and sensual. He clearly wants people to dance along with him but continues to write songs not just about hookup culture but actually settling down (and not in some trite country song sort of way). That’s why his songs resonate not just with his fellow 20-somethings, but also the more mature set, as last night’s audience makeup proved. When Bridges sings of things like love, forgiveness and even his mother, it feels real and lived in just as much as the magical upbeat songs do."

(Via Leon Bridges Went Above and Beyond Last Night at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica Opener | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

Just a little note for myself for future Nautica shows.  Only attend shows that I’m really, really excited to see - ones that I’m willing to spend the BIG $ to be on the floor, because Nautica’s bench seating is just atrocious (especially at 6’ 4”).

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