Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Article: 6 Benefits Of Playing House Concerts Over Bar Gigs

I need to keep this article on file when I’m courting my next musician to play in my living room.  Luckily it’s been a pretty easy sell so far!

Corissa Bragg House Concert (6/23/11)

"When musicians set out to dominate the world with their music, they usually envision playing to sold-out stadiums and amphitheaters of screaming fans, not living rooms in front of only a handful of attentive listeners. But believe it or not, for lots of artists, house shows end up being more beneficial and sustainable than ones played at traditional venues, and organizations like Sofa Concerts are trying to connect more artists with even more opportunities to everyone’s benefit.

If you’re an indie touring musician who’s used to a certain type of environment, and you still need some convincing, here are six great reasons why you should play more house shows."

(Via 6 Benefits Of Playing House Concerts Over Bar Gigs - MTT - Music Think Tank.)

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