Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Article: A music nerd's last stand: You'll pry my CDs out of my cold dead hands

Definitely a good point on the liner notes, although I’d say those were getting a little anemic in CD’s too.  Count me in for advocating for full labor representation on all streaming platforms!

While I don’t buy CD’s anymore, I can totally feel for this person.

"One of the main reasons is that people are trying to construct a cultural autobiography representing facets of themselves -- the good, the bad and the boy bands.

That's definitely true for me. I arrange my CDs in the order they were relevant to me. My CD shelving is like an Arctic core ice sample with each shelf representing an era of my life. The most crowded shelf is from college, when everything sounded important and my friends and I cordoned off Friday afternoons to go to the record store. One look at 2007's Wincing the Night Away by the Shins, and I'm back in my freshman dorm hanging a poster of (what else?) Sgt. Pepper.

Of course there are other reasons I buy CDs. For one, I want the artists I care about to take my money so they can keep making the music I lean on for every high, low and in-between point of my life. gettyimages-78120048.jpg

Remember actually going to a store and buying CDs? I do because I STILL DO IT. Getty Images

Also, liner notes, man. Where else am I supposed to learn who co-wrote which song and which obscure '70s R&B tune got sampled on what track so I can bore my friends?"

(Via A music nerd's last stand: You'll pry my CDs out of my cold dead hands - CNET.)

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