Monday, July 30, 2018

Sidi Touré (7/18/18)

I first took note of Sidi Touré back in 2013 when he released Alafia, noticing the name similarity to Ali Farka Touré.  It was a great album, and I was happy to see another one of his released earlier this year!  Then, I couldn’t have been happier when I then saw he was performing at the Transformer Station as part of Front International’s City Stages concert series!   Such a great experience.

Sidi Touré  7 18 18

Sidi Touré  7 18 18

Later I went back to just confirm the connection between these men with the same last name, which you can see below (no relation).

"When Malian songwriter and guitarist Sidi Touré first emerged on the international scene in 2011, he was regularly compared to Ali Farka Touré, his countryman and predecessor. There was a similarity in means, sound and even surnames, and both musicians hail from the Songhaï region of Northern Mali. The signature blues-inflected guitar and plaintive vocal melisma of Songhaï folk music carries melodic and repertory characteristics that extend from Ibrahim Dicko—Touré’s mentor—to Ali Fakra Touré’s pioneering work. Over the course of two recordings—last year’s critically-lauded Koïma and his revelatory debut Sahel Folk—and attention from NPR, SPIN and Pitchfork, among others, Touré’s musical identity has fully come into its own."

(Via Alafia | Sidi Touré.)

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