Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lief Hall (4/11/18)

Getting to see concerts in other cities is one of the benefits of a work trip, especially when it sends you to San Diego in April - especially this April.  My first night there I found this awesome little place called the Kava Lounge.  

Lief Hall  4 11 18

This night the headliner was Ahnnu, who I didn’t actually stay for (I’d been up over 18 hours).  Still, I really enjoyed seeing Leif Hall, who just had these crushing beats supporting this ethereal, light voice.

Lief Hall  4 11 18

Opening was Eras from L.A.  I’ll let his music describe itself...

Eras  4 11 18

The poster bill.

Lief Hall  4 11 18

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