Sunday, April 29, 2018

Tomorrow: Sofi Tukker @ Grog Shop

I caught on to Sofi Tukker from a co-worker, and then the next day a friend sent me as song as well.  Two days later I saw they were touring and coming to the Grog Shop. I can take a hint.  Sofi Tukker has a big, fun, danceable sound - which is mildly disappointing since this show is rolling in on a Monday night. Somewhat remedying is that all 3 acts are on tour with Sofi and all three look fun. Uou should have a great time if you still have to have an early night.  Check them all out below.


Opening is the infectious Kah-Lo from Nigeria, Check out her new video for Fasta, as well as her awesome collaboration with Riton for Fake I.D.

Kah lo

Even the first opener, LP Giobbi looks like it’ll be fun!


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