Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Brite Winter Festival 2018

This may have been one of the best Brite Winter Festivals yet!  For me, realizing that this is much of a dance music festival, as it is for seeing live bands.  I’ve already seen many of these bands before.  By just focusing on the DJ’s and the art, it really becomes a whole new experience for me.  The dance music and the dancing was *amazing*.  I already can’t wait until next year.  Here are a few key photos, but see my Flickr badge below for more!

Brite Winter Festival 2018

Brite Winter Festival 2018

Brite Winter Festival 2018Brite Winter Festival 2018


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"Brite, now in its ninth year, has become one of the city's most popular wintertime events, drawing thousands of fans for a daylong celebration of music, art, food and fun. The weather was unseasonably warm in both 2016 and 2017, with attendees roaming Brite Winter's grounds wearing t-shirts and flip flops. ADVERTISING

On Saturday, temperature stayed around 40 degrees all day. Fire pits became a popular place to watch music. Visitors wore coats, scarves and rain jackets. Even some dogs in attendance wore sweaters.

(An important note: Brite Winter has become a popular dog-friendly festival. Dogs and puppies of all sizes joined the crowd on Saturday night.)

The cold weather made the heated indoor art tents a more popular destination than they've been in past years. Three tents featured different themes inside -- a trippy cavernous jungle, a Mars-like lounge and an outer space discotheque."

(Via Brite Winter 2018 embraces chilly, rainy weather in its ninth year | cleveland.com.)

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