Monday, April 24, 2017

The Abyssinian Mass (4/8/17)

Expanding my musical exposure even more, I attended The Abyssinian Mass, composed by Wynton Marsalis and featuring Damien Sneed along with The Jazz Heritage Orchestra and Community Mass Choir. Performed in Waetjen Auditorium at Cleveland State University.  

"The Abyssinian Mass is a sweeping composition for big band and gospel choir written by Wynton Marsalis to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church. The piece earned significant acclaim upon its release in 2008 and sparked a 16-city, 19-concert tour, featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Chorale Le Chateau directed by prominent recording artist Damien Sneed. On April 8, Sneed will conduct one of the first regional productions of the Mass at Cleveland State University’s Waetjen Auditorium, featuring CSU’s Jazz Heritage Orchestra and the Community Mass Choir.

‘The Abyssinian Mass is a stirring work that combines jazz, gospel and blues and evokes the African-American experience while also emphatically stating that all people have a place in this world,’ notes Donna Whyte, interim director of CSU’s Black Studies Program. ‘We are very honored to host the fantastic Damien Sneed and present this amazing concert to the Cleveland community.’"

(Via The Abyssinian Mass Comes to Cleveland | Cleveland State University.)

The Abyssinian Mass (4/8/17)

The Abyssinian Mass (4/8/17)

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