Monday, December 29, 2014

Over the Rhine (12/10/14)

I’ve seen (and enjoyed) Over the Rhine in concert before, but this show was more about seeing Lily & Madeline for me.    I’ve been enjoying the last two albums from these ladies - immensely.  They were soft spoken, but their music was effortless and refreshing.  Unfortunately for us though, our seats at the Music Box were obstructed, but now I know where we should be sitting for future shows.

Lily & Madeline (12/10/14)

Over the Rhine were superb as well.  Seeing both these acts at the Music Box, with a great dinner in front of us, was quite a treat.  I would also recommend seeing Over the Rhine at Christmastime as well, as it’s one of their favorite genre’s for music and storytelling.  What a delight.

Over the Rhine (12/10/14)

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