Monday, December 29, 2014

Melissa Etheridge (11/14/14)

A couple days after seeing Ryan Adams at Playhouse Square, we were back again to see Melissa Etheridge.  With a new independent album out, she’s reinvigorating her career.  She was energetic live, as usual.  I’m also including some clips of things below that I’ve been meaning to share as well… 

Melissa Etheridge (11/14/14)

"The album, perhaps her best since 'Yes I Am,'' boasts different phrasings and different rhythms, yet it's still decidedly Etheridge, only traveling in a new direction.

'Yes, that's it,'' Etheridge said in a call from her home in Los Angeles. 'I started such a journey last year, changing up my whole career."

(Via.Melissa Etheridge takes ownership of herself and her music with 'This Is M.E.' |

 I love the vintage video segments in the following video… 


"No amount of technology, no Auto-Tune wizardry, can satisfy the souls that want to be touched in the moment when a human being takes the stage and uses their vocal cords and emotions in ways that can move us to tears.

The uncanny -- the thing that is almost human but isn't quite -- only makes the real more valuable."

(Via.Melissa Etheridge Op-Ed: Why Auto-Tune Has No Soul | Billboard)

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