Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Find: Arthur Beatrice

 Loving this new Arthur Beatrice album - and not just because of the Golden Girls reference.  Check it out:

"Arthur Beatrice: Late Breakout Model Moffy Takes to an Industrial Coastline in the British Band’s Evocative Music Video

A tender romance unfurls against the dramatic skies of the Britain’s Thames Estuary in George Belfield’s music video for elegant indie-rock quartet Arthur Beatrice. ‘I see the couple’s relationship as their sanctuary in a hard world, but maybe I’m being too optimistic,’ says Belfield of the nuanced performances, played out on the distinct outpost of Isle of Sheppey in Kent by actor Nicky Bell and rising model Moffy in her first acting role. ‘I love the chimney-studded skyline and the Salk Institute-inspired housing estate. The whole island is epic and rough, so it felt good to play that against the intimacy of the couple.’ ‘Late’ is the rousing last single from Arthur Beatrice’s debut album, Working Out, whose members Orlando Leopard, Ella Girardot and brothers Elliot and Hamish Barnes all met at school. ‘We've spent so many years together that the title Working Out is a nod to the process of figuring out who we are and what we want to be,’ says the band, who have their own independent label Open Assembly Recordings and whose previous music videos were directed by Nike, Topshop and Dazed & Confused designer Kate Moross. ‘We all have lots of influences, but people like Elvis Costello and bands like The Smiths are examples of musicians who have had an impact on us all.’"

(Continued... Arthur Beatrice: Late - NOWNESS)

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