Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eternal Summers (5/6/14)

I have several friends who have been great with jumping on board shows, often with little prior exposure.  I then also feel a sense of fault when the show isn’t as good as I was expecting.  That was the case for this show.  I’d seen Eternal Summers back at the Happy Dog - but I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention.  That show didn’t strike me as terrible, but I wasn’t expecting the terrible vocals at this Beachland show.  I have a lot of their stuff - and really enjoy it!  I’m hoping there was something specific about this night that just didn’t work out for them, because I’d hate to write them off for future performances - though I know my friends have.  DAKS = 1

Eternal Summers (5/6/14)

I should mention that CHOMP opened (some Cloud Nothings connections there) - but I can’t say they save the night either… 

CHOMP (5/6/14)

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