Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cher & Cyndi Lauper (5/2/14)

I’ve seen Cyndi Lauper in Cleveland several times, once at Lakewood Civic Auditorium (2005) several years ago and then again at the House of Blues (2010).  I already knew she would put on an amazing show.  Cher however, I was only relying on the myth of others.  While she’s had many decades of success, there of them were of relevance for me.  First were the 80’s, with fish-net body suits on Navy ships, second was her super-gay Believe album, and looking back to my third was her more politically charged history around the likes of Half-Breed and Gypsys, Tramps & Theives.   Combine that with being a gay man of a relevant age, and a friend who coordinated the ticket purchase, this show a no-brainer.

Cyndi wore her blazing red wig, during a blazing red performance. Her voice was top notch. While felt somewhat odd to have a woman her age, writhing around the stage (and getting up more slowly than usual) she was superb.  Her voice was as impeccable as before, and as expected again.  She deserves every accolade she receives.


Cher was parallel.  A great voice, but a slower elegance around the large Quicken Loans Arena stage.  Include the multiple costume changes and a massive trojan horse from which she emerged, and this felt like the Cher performance from lore.


Cher (5/2/14)

Check out the review from Cleveland.com:

Cher wows 15,000 at The Q with burlesque, circus, Trojan horses - and, yes, music (Review) | cleveland.com

"Cher did not disappoint on her aptly dubbed tour. She was a Greek goddess, a warrior-princess, a burlesque madam, a 1960s go-go dancer – she even pulled out her 1980's Bob Mackie.

But what about the music? Cher did not disappoint there either. This was full-on entertainment, from the fashion to the sets to the sound."

(Continued... Cher wows 15,000 at The Q with burlesque, circus, Trojan horses - and, yes, music (Review) | cleveland.com)

See some of the outfits form the show over at Boy Culture.

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