Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie Review: Sound City @ Cedar-Lee Theater

I wanted to post about going to see Sound City at the Cedar Lee theater, because it really was a GREAT film.  Even better than I was expecting.  What I also was (pleasantly) surprised about was the album he's releasing as well (out March 12th).  While it's not an artist list that would draw me to it, the making of definitely does.

Sound city cover

Movie Review - 'Sound City': Music And Memories In An L.A. Landmark : NPR

"The first hour-plus of the film sticks close to a standard rockumentary template: a chronological history combining talking-head interviews with archival photos and video, with the addition of some slightly geeky audiophile technical discussions. Both of those could easily slip into dull mediocrity, but Grohl recognizes that filmmaking isn't so different from writing a good pop song: Take a familiar structure, throw in some nice hooks to keep things interesting and add plenty of personality and attitude, and a touch of indefinable artistic magic.

Grohl's jovial presence is the hook; playing interviewer and emcee as well as director, he's the catchy bit you welcome every time it returns. The star-studded interview list provides much of the personality and attitude, as does a fantastically tense behind-the-scenes video of Petty and his band laboring long hours to craft their breakthrough record.

The magical aspect is the alchemy created by Sound City's studio and its custom Neve mixing board; it's difficult to quantify, but you can hear it on every musical clip in the movie. That magical mixing board practically becomes the star of the movie."

(Continued... Movie Review - 'Sound City': Music And Memories In An L.A. Landmark : NPR)

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