Thursday, February 14, 2013

Article: Apple Is Building A Social Music Network

Matt Kiser over at has a pretty neat take on what Apple's next foray will be in to "social media", in the music space.  Their "Pandroa Killer" if you will.  Seems a bit complicated, but could be pretty powerful if done right - and at the right price point (which still is not $1 per song).


Apple Is Building A Social Music Network - hypebot

"With all of this in mind, a social music product like the one I described above largely makes sense because it rewards ownership, supports artists, drives people to explore new music with their friends, and seamlessly pushes people to purchase the music they want to keep. It also insulates iTunes from the threat of labels pulling their catalogs, which is something Spotify and Rdio are constantly in danger of. This sounds like a win-win for everyone, especially the consumer."

(Read the beginning… Apple Is Building A Social Music Network - hypebot)

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