Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sleigh Bells (7/9/12)

While Sleigh Bells were the headliner, I was more intrigued with the (mis-placed?) Class Actress as an opener.  But before we get to that, this show also introduced me to Jel as the very first opener.  Cool shit.  I don't know the name of that little electro-box he plays, but it's fun.

Jel (7/9/12)

Class Actress was up next, and I was still a little curious of her being on this bill.  It started off a little weak and did get better, but there was definitely something missing from her show.  Something felt off the whole night.  And by "off" I mean, I've seen her before and thought she was great.  This time… eh.  3 on DAKS.

Class Actress (7/9/12)

We had another show to go to, so we only stayed for a couple songs of Sleigh Bells, but it was you'd expect.  Ear-shattering, power pop/rock.  Definitely a time and place for that, and I can appreciate what these guys are doing - but doesn't feel like they have the staying power.

Sleigh Bells (7/9/12)

Sleigh Bells (7/9/12)

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