Thursday, July 26, 2012

Article: The Young and the Digitally Restless

A nice summation of what Spotify needs to do, though I can't imagine a scenario where I would adopt that approach completely

The Young and the Digitally Restless

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A new, technologically capable generation of music listeners is approaching adulthood. These former MySpacers are evolving into sophisticated music consumers with new and challenging expectations.

They have heightened demands for mobility and social connectivity; they value the freedom to actively seek music, and also the choice to passively discover it. They don’t acknowledge the monetary value of songs like they do trading cards, but instead collect them like seashells, freely and effortlessly. They do so because it’s their recently discovered ‘birthright’ in this digital age, and because they can."

(Continued... The Young and the Digitally Restless)

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